Announcing: the Digital Cash Alliance

- a project for competing currencies and anonymous, private, digital cash.
Visit them at digitalcash.to(external link) for more details.


and an essay on why it matters: The Power to Issue Money(external link)


"All things must be examined, debated, investigated without exception and without regard for anyone's feelings." ― Denis Diderot, explaining the goal of the Encyclopedia


"This institution of my native state, the hobby of my old age, will be based on the illimitable freedom of the human mind, to explore and to expose every subject susceptible of it's contemplation." - Thomas Jefferson to Antoine Louis Claude Destutt de Tracy, 26 December 1820


Individual Sovereign University Association

The Individual Sovereign University was founded in June 2009. Over the next year and a half, the group grew considerably. In March 2011, freedom activists came together for a founding conference. Subsequently, a number of classes were offered by different people, both online and in person. A related organisation received a gift of a building at the end of 2011. Efforts to raise money to repair its roof did not come together, and the related organisation sold the building in 2013.

The effort to develop a tradition of stateless education is not over. It is, however, not as easy to accomplish that goal as we had first hoped. Although the violence, brutality, and surplus order of the state is a major issue in education at all levels, today, it is not the only impediment to creating an effective alternative.